What We Do

AWP Magazine [Awallprintss] is a new publication that aims to champion the voices and stories of communities around the world. We're also dedicated to platforming the creative work of different groups across culture, news, arts, lifestyle, fashion, music, and politics.


Please send all pitches to Editor@awallprintss.com and we'll look to get back to you as soon as possible. See our pitching guidelines below:

Pitch to us / Present for us 

Guest posts from brands/companies welcome for a fee.

We're looking for everything from social injustice, climate change to fashion and entrepreneurship. 

We would prefer you don't start writing your story or producing your documentary/podcast before pitching to us.

But we're happy to take a looking at already written content/produced videos that you would liked featured on our site.

In regards to articles - we may ask you to review/edit the piece so it's in line with our style.


We can only pay for exclusives and investigations for the present moment.

Why should I write for you if you can't commission every piece?

AWP Magazine offers you a chance to work on thought provoking and timely features, deep dives, news reports and investigations which will be edited by experienced editors who can give you useful feedback.

Our writers are automatically added to our newsletter and get exclusive discounts on future events including master classes with industry figures - which will take place soon.

We hope to grow to the stage where we can pay each writer.

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