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Honesty, Openness and Authenticity: Alexander Stewart On Making Music That Brings People Together

At only 23 years old, Alexander Stewart is already a global hit. Born in Toronto, Canada, he has enchanted millions of people across the globe with his covers on YouTube since 2017. Now, Alexander is determined to bring people together with his addictive melodies and universal storytelling.

Alexander’s latest offering is poetic heartbreak anthem Blame’s On Me and notably sees him take a fearlessly candid approach to admitting his shortcomings in a relationship. The track is a prime example of his remarkable ability to produce music that connects with people everywhere, having already racked up more than 12 million streams on Spotify.

“I didn't write this song to look for sympathy, as I was the one who ended things,” he tells Awallprintss. “it was just a huge back and forth with my own brain, I felt terrible.”

“One day, I finally sat down and told to myself that I have to write about this but in a way that shows that I’m taking accountability for what happened, in a way that people could relate to it. I just said ‘this relationship ended and the blame’s on me’ and immediately went ‘that’s got to be the title!’”

Unsurprisingly, Alexander’s openness on the track also came with a level of apprehension.

“I had never put a song out before that says that I suck”, he explains. The song was a new perspective for the singer having previously pulled from the victim point-of-view for inspiration.

However, he was quickly soothed by the public response to the track. “It’s funny that my biggest song is about me being a terrible person,” he adds.

By the time the song was put out into the open Alexander had already processed his feelings. Unbeknown to him, the track would go on to do the same for many of its listeners.

“But also I didn’t realize the flip side of it where people would listen and imagine someone sending that to them and getting closure from my music”, he says.

Whilst Alexander is proud of the entirety of his back catalogue, his latest song holds a special place in his heart. “I’m particularly proud of my current self for being really honest as it is easier to spin things and write what is easy instead of scary”, he says. “It goes to show you that when you write things that are truthful, but also make you uncomfortable, is really when you can get out there something real to all the people.”

Naturally, writing songs plays a significant role in Alexander’s healing process. “I don’t know how I would be able to go through life without writing songs, I would be an emotional wreck,” he admits.

Whilst the singer-songwriter often receives positive feedback from his fans online, taking his songs - and feelings - to the stage is where he is truly able to feel connected.

Having previously opened for the likes of Lauren Spencer Smith and Benson Boone, Alexander is “unbelievably excited” for his first headline tour. Kicking off in London, the second most popular city on his Spotify streams, on 21st February, the singer’s very thrilled as “the Brits go hard, they are one of the loudest crowds I’ve ever seen.”

Other stops on his tour include Amsterdam, Los Angels and Brooklyn with his final night taking place in his home town of Toronto. You can find more information on Alexander’s tour dates and tickets here.

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